Our Job Is To Create Connections

Our past work has included +$120k campaigns for international whisky company Crown Royal; the largest CX company in the world, Genesys; and the largest music entertainment company in the world, Live Nation.

MCS developed a 7 part B2B marketing campaign for Genesys, the largest CX company in the world ($2B annual revenue). Our campaign engaged with major brands such as Emerates Airline, Apple, and Philips and utilized a mixture of direct marketing and B2B platforms such as LinkedIn.

Our campaign for Crown Royal utilized organic reach over Facebook through video messaging and a sweepstakes to generate 4.5 Million unique impressions and expand brand notoriety across North America and the globe.

Our research and marketing placement for Live Nation across North America had us working with some of the largest artists in the world including Imagine Dragons, Shakira, and Tim McGraw. Utilizing a mixture of broadcast placements, and mobile and digital ad placements, we boosted ticket sales for concerts and increased organic exposure for artists through creative videos.

When Merchants Bancorp (MBIN, NASDAQ) wanted to release their IPO, we were tasked with creating a vivid campaign to announce their entry into the world market of holdings. We developed and created a visual marketing campaign and placed digital banners in the hottest cities in North America, including the famous NASDAQ building in Times Square.